Director's Note

Crucial formative years spent in a Mission School run by La Salle Brothers. . . Yet I’ve come to realize that identity is my route, not my roots.  Growing up in small town Ipoh, educated in Malaysia, America and the UK, I feel now is the right time to tell ‘Goodbye Boys’.

Although this will be my second feature film after Gol & Gincu, it’s my first screenplay.  Goodbye Boys is an expedition film, 8 boys on journeys of forming identities, part of larger routes in life. “Education is that which remains when everything else learnt in school is forgotten”, a quote by Einstein I still find relevant. ‘Goodbye Boys’, a semi-autobiographical tale and important aspects the result of ‘that which remains’, now ready to be recounted…15 years later.

Not nostalgic, not sentimental. Ironically real. A route, a universal film story.