Jajang C. Noer as Salma

Shanty as Siti

Dominique as Ming


The film brings together three women (in three different stories) from three different social classes and ethnic backgrounds, conveying their passages in dealing with polygamy:

Salma is a gynecologist who had questioned the morality behind the practice of polygamy and had secretly wished it wouldn’t happen to her own marriage. But, her wish remains just a wish. As a faithful Moslem, Salma accepts her fate to have a polygamous husband. Salma’s husband bears the title of ‘Pak Haji’, meaning a holy man who has gone through pilgrimage in Mecca and has an important religious contribution to the society. Salma knows that as the first wife, she is entitled to the higher status and therefore refuses to interact with the younger wives. She protects her household and her one and only son, Nadim. Salma shuts her world; she lives in denial. Until one day her husband gets a heart attack and becomes bed ridden. Salma has to face the other wives on a regular basis since all the wives thrive to offer attention to the sick man. Salma can no longer protect herself and her son from the unfairness. It is then when Salma begins to evaluate the meaning of her life as she witnesses the absurdity of her day-to-day drama.

Siti is a Javanese village girl who has high hopes for a better life in the metropolitan city of Jakarta . Her dreams are shattered once she realizes that living in the slum of the city in a polygamous household of her own uncle will not take her anywhere. The notion of three women living under one roof and serving one husband itself is constantly disturbing her. The only reason for her to survive is the growing intimacy with one of the other wives. One night Siti has to help the second wife deliver her baby unassisted by a doctor or a mid-wife when the master of the household barges in unannounced, stone drunk with a stranger hanging on his arm. The stranger is introduced as his newly acquired fourth wife. His insensitive behavior enrages Siti and this urged her to explore the new possibilities of freedom and choices that she makes with her life.

Ming is a waitress in a famous roast duck stall in downtown Jakarta . Her youth and striking mixed Chinese-Indonesian parentage allows her to stand out amongst the rest. The cook, who owns the stall does his daily preparations with the help of his wife and his favorite waitress, Ming. This Chinese-Indonesian man in his 40s can barely conceal his jealousy when he sees Ming flirting with the male patrons. The cook becomes one of the men who date Ming regularly. But he cannot stand the fact that he does not win Ming’s exclusive attention. The competition gets even tougher when Ming begins dating a rookie filmmaker who promises her a role in his first feature film. Soon, we find out that Ming is willing to go the distance to fulfill her ambitions for stardom.